Welcome to IMS OneRoster Reference Implementation

This is a REST Implementation of OneRoster 1.1. OneRoster provider systems can use this tool to validate their payload structure while OneRoster consumer systems can use this tool as a testing system to make GET requests and test their authentication workflows


This OneRosterĀ® Reference Implementation Test Tool is provided by IMS Global Learning Consortium. Limited functionality is provided free of charge. IMS Members have access to the complete functionality of the tool including services and message types.

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Getting started
  • When you log in for the first time, the OneRoster reference implementation will:
    • Generate and populate a complete OneRoster data set
    • Create and assign you to a team
    • Create a Key and Secret for your team
  • On the left hand menu there are links to each of the top level objects in the OneRoster data model, your generated information will be viewable there.
  • Each of the top level object pages also contain example payloads both get all and get individual item.
  • Manage Team will provide you the Key and Secret that the system has created. These will be the credentials that you can use to make calls to the reference implementation.
  • A postman collection is available that you can use to test your credentials and query the system and get back payloads with the data that was generated for your team.